Our Company

Rescue Technologies Limited is a technology & business solutions company that provides subscribers with access to emergency response services. These services are delivered through the EMRO platform (a mobile and web application) and by partnering with several value providers across industries to deliver quick and effective emergency response service.
Rescue Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Rescue Technologies Mauritius was incorporated in October 2015.
  • Our Vision

    To be the pre-eminent emergency response platform provider on the planet
  • Our Mission

    To provide world class emergency solutions through innovative platforms and strategic partnerships
Our aim at Rescue Technologies Limited is to ensure that every mobile phone user in Nigeria has access to emergency response services regardless of their location or societal status. Rescue Technologies Limited currently provides the following services through its Emro app:
  • Safety Monitor
  • Armed Response
  • Medical Response
  • Danger Zone Notifications
  • Safety Tips